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My journey into the world of fitness and health started 12 years ago as a lifestyle I adopted when entering high-school. As a young kid I grew up watching stars like Brad Pitt insanely in-shape in movies like Troy and Fight club which ultimately appealed to me as a teenager who wanted to build that same portrayed confidence and power. 

With my focus and goals set, I enrolled in multiple physical education and weight lifting classes, which taught me the foundation early on, on how to train properly to reach my physique goals. Quickly, I gained praise from my peers early on for my hard earned physique, which further motivated me even more to become the most aesthetic kid in town. 

Along my mission and through much research to find the information to improve my progress, I discovered many motivational fitness icons, such as Greg Plitt, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Zyzz and Elliot Hulse. Each with their own philosophies and personalties, had one of many things in common. Once they started to work on their physical health inevitably it translated into improvements in other aspects of their life; careers, relationships, self-esteem.. Following in their footsteps, opening my mind to pursuing bigger goals and dreams than just the a great physiqe. I am here today living the life I created for myself and continue to with no regrets. 

 All the habits, hard work and consistency certainly spilled into my relationships, work and social life, in a sense that; Quote “Every action has a purpose. When every action has a purpose. Every action has a result” - Greg Plitt.

 A huge part of my fitness lifestyle today is credited to the discovery of calisthenics. The simplicity of using your own body weight to build extreme strength and to be able to do surreal movements with just your bodyweight instantly had me inspired. 

 Today I’ve implemented a calisthenic and weight-training hybrid training lifestyle which enables me to build strength and muscle while maintaining a lean body percentage all year round. 

 Additionally, I have discovered a huge calisthenic and fitness health community worldwide that shares the same interests and passion, making it fun to travel and easy to network with like minded friends. 

 A huge part of my motivation comes from networking with new friends locally and globally with different stories on how they got into the fitness space. As cheesy as it sounds, listening these stories of mutual accomplishments and hardships inspires me personally to keep improving myself, inspiring others and growing stronger in all aspects of life.

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Brian Neyugn

Brian is a certified fitness professional from Toronto, Ontario with a diploma in Health & Fitness. His fitness journey started 12 years ago and today he implements a hybrid calisthenic and weight training lifestyle which enables him to build strength and muscle while maintaining a lean body percentage all year round.

He now has over 7 years of training experience under his belt as a high level personal trainer; in corporate, boutique and independent settings and is now sharing his passion with 1:1 online coaching to help individuals achieve their dream goals with the purpose of implementing long term lifestyle changes.