Transformation Coaching
Transformation Coaching

Transformation Coaching


Are you tired of chasing after strength, lean muscle, aesthetics, and confidence without seeing the results you want? It's time to take control and make a change in your life. Our transformation program is designed to provide accountability and challenge you to reach new levels of performance.

Through education and self-reflection, we will work to break old habits and evolve both mentally and physically. Our ultimate goal is to help you take ownership of your life and achieve the results you deserve.

If you're ready to be coached and committed to creating a new era for yourself, don't hesitate. Fill out the form and let's get started on this journey together.




In App Video Examples
My team & I have personally filmed a full libarary worth of 300+ excercise demonstrations 

Easy Access
All in-app features covering your training and nutrition program makes your experience seamless, no excuses now!

Calendar & Accountability
Your entire journey is mapped out for you, so all you have to do is show up!


Track your progress as you go and stay accountable.

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Transformation Coaching


Each program is fully customizable, dynamic and made to be fully optimized based on your available equipment and preference.

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Transformation Coaching



Meal plans built based on your own preferences such as Meal Frequency, Food Sensitivities, and Dietary Preferences.

Learn new ways to cook with the in-app smart meal plan, with serving information as well as ingredients and cooking instructions.

Recipe Packs for more variety; High Protein Pack, Low Carb Pack, 5 Ingredients Pack, Vegan Pack, Vegetarian Pack, and Smoothie Pack

The Perfect Training Program

In App Support 
Access to a dynamic and ultra engaging training app with video tutorials for every exercise as you follow your program.

1 on 1 Personalized Consultation
Upon joining, you will receive a detailed consultation and survey to target your exact goals. We will learn everything about your exercise and nutrition history, habits, and more. 

Build Longterm Strength
Progressive training principles to help build foundational strength that will carry throughout the rest of your fitness journey.

Entirely Personalized Plans
Highly personalized to your goals and abilities with equipment you have access to or just your bodyweight. Adjustments will be made to fully optimize the workouts and nutrition. 

2 Way Communication
During your coaching experience you will have access to communicate with me anytime anywhere. 

Engagement & Accountability
There is constant two-way communication happening throughout the program with built-in messaging. 

Brian Neyugn

Brian is a Certified Fitness Professional from Toronto, Canada with a diploma in Health & Fitness. His fitness journey started in 2010, in his highschool gym where he grew his passion for the fitness space. Today he implements a hybrid calisthenic/weight training lifestyle which enables maintain his physique all year round.

His passion for fitness also led him to discover a huge fitness community worldwide that shares the same interests and passion, making it easy to travel and network with like minded friends. 

He now has over 6 years of training experience as a high level personal trainer & is sharing his passion coaching individuals online achieve their fitness and health goals with the purpose of implementing long term lifestyle changes.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are your programs really personalized?
Yes, all custom programs are tailored to your abilities, goals, and the equipment you have access to. Custom programs are built after completing a one-on-one consultation.
How does your App work?
Once your payment is processed - I will send you a link to your personalized program login which will be updated with your custom program after a few days. After that, once you login all your workouts will be at your fingertips. It's a very easy to use app - you just have to hit the start button and do the workouts I give you!
Do you offer Custom Meal Plans?
You will have access to custom in-app meal plans! With that said, I believe strict meal plans will not give you the best chance for sustainable wellness. It is important to build a positive relationship with food you love and  enjoy the process.
How often do we communicate?
Accountability and communication are key. Depending on how much you engage with the program, we will be engaging weekly or even daily using the in app messaging system. (Vacations not included haha)
Do I need access to a full gym to do this?
I understand that not everyone has access to a full gym or wants to go to one. My goal is to get you to your goals by any means necessary, and that includes modifying your workouts based on equipment access if needed. The great thing about having a customized program is that it allows me to tailor your program anytime.
I'm ready to start. Can we get on a call first?
You can start by filling out my application form above. Serious inquiries only.

What people are saying!

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Lean bulk

Brian gave me a great consultation, check ins, and gave me a detailed meal plans to exercises that helped me achieve my goals. Thank you!

Kelvin Duran

I started working With Bryan about 4 Months ago and all I have to say is the man knows what he is doing. WE Sat down on a call told him my goals and the goals were surpassed. He responds really fast and makes sure you are not missing out on anything. Killer work outs , and amazing meal plan Highly recommend

James Dinella
Best trainer I’ve worked with

Brian responds fast
Amazing tips
Makes sure u stay full while u grow

Marina e.

So I always trained at an F45 which had routines and structure that I just had to follow while in class. Going to a gym I felt completely lost. I didn’t know what to do and I had absolutely no structure or routine. I started using Brian’s app workouts and honestly I love them so much. They are structured perfectly, my body really feels it after a workout and I’ve seen such a difference in my body and how toned it’s become since I started using his app! I highly recommend this, it’s ideal because you can really use it anywhere (even on vacation) and if you don’t know how to do certain exercises, Brian has example videos you can follow as well!! Love love love, thank you for making my workout life so much simpler :D

Kyle Y
A 10/10 program

If you want a well rounded program, Brian is the guy to go to. I have incredible gains just in the several weeks I’ve been with him. The app is easy to use, well organized and even go as far as demonstrating the exercise. Very convenient in keeping track of your previous sets too! The workouts themselves are carefully planned out and well balanced. My lean bulk program was a success in gaining strength and size and all I did was have trust in Brian’s work. This man deserves an applause 👏🏼 thanks again for training me Brian!